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The problem with software these days...

It's complicated. There are hundreds of ways of doing the same thing.

Don't pick the wrong way.

You need a website that is fast, mobile friendly, and at the top of Google. You need a strong online presence to showcase your best work.

Or you have a tech headache. Nothing seems to get done. You are constantly fighting an old IT system. Time is wasted.

Software and Web development is always changing. Websites that looked good in 2007 don't cut it now. Old tools and systems aren't worth the maintenance costs anymore.

I solve these problems.

I make websites and custom tools based around YOUR needs.

I constantly learn new skills and stay up-to-date with modern software development.

I'm positive that if you reach out to me, I can find at least one thing that can be improved or automated.

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Satisfied Customers

We LOVE our site! David worked so closely with us not only through the initial design, but through iterations and updates that keep our website fresh and exciting! Great big-picture vision, with the ability to break the whole job down into manageable pieces we can all understand. David has also been a big help in training us to make certain updates on our own, so we can be more self-reliant and make quick changes to meet the needs of our growing small business. All in all, a great package!

―Karen Southwick

How it Works

Get Acquainted with each other.

Show me your what you're all about! We can email or webchat. Tell me your troubles.

Build the brief

We will communicate back and forth on a document that outlines the general idea for the work that I'm about to do.

Approve the proposal

I send you a more detailed proposal showing my personal game plan for approaching the work.

Contract time

We both digitially sign a simple contract that protects both of us.

I do the work, and send the invoice

Once finished, I send a document that itemizes all the hours that I spent, and you send the payment.

Get a Quote

Every project is different. You have unique needs.

Your money is also important. I will work hard to make the best solution possible for your needs with minimal cost.

Contact me and I will provide you with a proposal and quote within 48 hours!

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